Artisanal fishing vessels, Cebu, Phillipines

Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management

In recent years my work has mainly involved providing scientific support for the implementation of Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) in small (< 1000 t) to intermediate (<10,000 t) sized Australian coastal fisheries. This has included fisheries using a range of gear types (e.g. trap, trawl, gillnet, line, purse-seine, hand-collection) and exploiting a diverse range of species (e.g. crabs, prawns, lobsters, shellfish, cephalopods, teleosts, sharks). In addition to the practicalities of implementing EBFM in fisheries for different species, size and scale, I have a general interest in overall level of environmental impact of fisheries managed under EBFM frameworks and how they compare to other modes of food production.


Western Australian Silver-lipped Pearl Oyster (Pinctada maxima) Industry

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West Coast Deep Sea Crustacean Managed Fishery

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Shark Bay Prawn Managed Fishery

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